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Materials posted on this site are designed for professionals involved in the study of optical properties of using a polarizing microscope: mineralogists, petrographers, crystallographers, as well as teachers and students of geological departments of the universities.
Here You can get complete information about a new conoscopic method of measurement optic angle and orientation of optical indicatrix anisotropic crystals:
  • articles describing the theoretical foundations of the method (files .pdf and .doc);
  • computer programs for calculating optic angle and play isogyre on the screen;
  • guide to computer programs, with detailed step by step instructions for their use.
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In comparison with the method Mallyarda method of intersection has some significant advantages. It is suitable for the determination of large angles of optical axes in all sections, including the oblique sections of the crystals in which optical axes are out of sight.
Theoretical basis for the method of intersection is the isogyre equation, which describes the dependence of the coordinates of points isogyre from the coordinates of the optical axes.Theory of the method is relatively complicated and requires the reader to some mathematical training. However, for acquaintance with it is not necessary to stray into the wilds of mathematical expressions contained in the articles on this site. Enough to read 2-page text abstracts and "User Guide" , to get a general idea the method and proceed with its development in practice.
In the practical execution of the method is simple, but requires careful and accurate work. However, to obtain good results, you should acquire some experience, and if you initially have problems, you should not be disappointed in the method, but with patience and perseverance to continue the work.
Validate the results obtained by using computer programs computer sinthesis of isogyre and zero isogyre on the screen monitor.
Author will be grateful to those readers who send their comments and suggestions to improve the method, and is ready to answer their questions. Keep in touch with me you can through mailbox to the site administrator (press "Contacts").
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Measurement 2V with using the mark M5
Computer sinthesis of isogyre
Computer sinthesis of zero isogyre